Friday, June 28

ϟ IRON and WINE ϟ

Sam Beam was working as a film professor when he started making music as Iron & Wine about a decade ago, recording hushed, poetic love songs into a four-track machine with just a guitar and a little bit of banjo to accompany him.
Beam happens to be a talented visual artist in addition to a sly wordsmith and guitarist — he’s done the art for most of his album covers, and he happily shared some background info on the images he’s chosen to pair with his music.

Here is my favorite track of his - Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger

FRIDAYYYY.. oops I fell off my chair!

What could be better than this, Friday, and, Friday being a salary day! Feels like I am on a high! Already.
I want to let the music do the talk today. So let this be your mood squeezie ( feel the squeeze on your face)! 
I deserve a f* medal for getting through this week without killing anybody! 

What songs are in your "pump- up" list? You can share some with me to caramelize  my regular doughnut! 
Happy Friday! 

Thursday, June 27


Love isn’t a solid fact. It’s always different, always shows up in different forms, and is always there when you think it isn’t. Love is electric, proven and important. It's how you see the worst and the best in a person, and chose to like both, atleast understand both. So clearly I am in "stuck in love" moment right now. This is my only stress buster in my life right now ( apart from some momos). 

Wednesday, June 26


I say " I don't get drunk". But correctly why do I have a hangover the next day? I need a hangover holiday with two people who are going through the same thing - Abhay and Nami, right now.
To make my life a wee bit pleasant, I have music to soothe that savage hangover. Just one song.

Tuesday, June 25


I love it when you go to work, just to attend a crazy party at night! And today's party, my personal fashion designer, Matthew's Bday! Yayy! I love party- night mornings! Since I am in this mood today, I will give you a playlist of a lil old dance numbers which make me get in the party groove.

Here is the link to my playlist : Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 24


What a beautiful visual palette "Man of Steel" had! And I gave my Sunday a complete justice by ending it with an eye candy treat. 
Brand new Superman movie 'Man Of Steel' features 'Seasons', written & performed by Chris Cornell. This song is a strong delivery of a lot of poetic lines with an unmatched power and prowess. The acoustics are beautifully synced. 

Friday, June 21


I just came back from Punjab, Sunny Deol in Gadar running around with a sword - my past image of Punjab. The journey from food bowl to punjabi rappers, Amritsar was a high. Gattu, my punjaban friend, just messaged me a joke ( punjabi jokes can't be a co-incidence) - "A fashionable punjaban was walking by the river.. suddenly she saw a crocodile and screamed - hai rabba! Lacoste!"

On world music day, I am going to promote desi Punjabi music ( a sober one though). 
AMBARSARIYA  is from the movie Fukrey has the flavor of a happy romantic day. 


Friday, June 14


Something good has happened. 

Today I am the happy protagonist of my movie! And I share the screen presence with Abhay Cheema.  Today, "we" come out glorious - fought villains, danced in the rain and DANCED ON HAPPY SONGS.
Sing with me, singing helps you breathe. It distresses your life. Dance crazily. And by crazy I mean, an Afro Circus dance!
The song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - Ain't no mountain high high has always been "my" song. This song just gives me a pure high. 

Happy Friday people!

Thursday, June 13


I have been a follower of 8 tracks since a year now. But I started making playlists recently. Here is one playlist for you to get lost on the dance floor like there is no tomorrow. It's very difficult to pull out favorites, but here are my few favorites. 

For more of my playlists,  you can find me at

Wednesday, June 12


I am just not in a mood to talk today. 

Tuesday, June 11

STAIRWAY to +vity

Now this sent ripples through my mood. So full of optimistic energy. Just leave work for 3 minutes ( 2:43 to be precise), and I can assure you this will be better than tea!
And also, the video by the Ministry of Sound can paste a smile on your face. This is such a soulful satisfying cosmic disco track on a rainy Tuesday. 


Kiss from a Rose by Seal.

Do not take me to a public place where this is playing, unless you want me to sing it, out loud, at the top of my lungs. This is the power of this song to me. This ballad became a massive hit after its inclusion in the Batman Forever soundtrack. To the graying weather outside.... Seal. This is therapy.

Monday, June 10


I am going through the worst of my Monday blues. And I am not an appreciator of happy songs to beat my Monday blues. This simple truth has given rise to a plethora of Monday songs, most of which speak negatively about the day. 

Rust or Gold is by american song- writer Jill AndrewsWith the slow, opening chimes of piano ,Rust Or Gold, there’s there is this  hushed, quietly intense route of a slow-burner like Sia’s  -Breathe Me.
So today, you can decide if you want to cultivate something meaninful or just wither and die. I am sure i just killed all the enthusiasm in any happy person today!

Happy Sulking! 

Friday, June 7


Here's to the rain outside my window and to the coming weekend! 

I need your LOVE  - Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding 

♥ T.G.I.F.♥

Thank God it's Friday  ! Now there is this reason to be happy and be nice to people again. Does the world seem to be a better place now? Its only because Friday is rolling around!
So I suggest you turn your mood into music. Have a chocolate milkshake in a bubble bath and then take a drive around in the beautiful Bangalore weather! 
And let the grin spread across your face. 

Music sounds better with you is one of my all time favorite dance number and the video, so inspirational. I love the whole Daft Punk metallic look of the video. In 2009, this song got listed in the top 100 greatest dance songs of all time. 

Happy Friday. 

Wednesday, June 5


It doesn’t matter whether you’re at Auntie Khanna's wedding or at home by the kitchen radio – some songs are guaranteed to make you leap to your feet and strut your stuff.  And for me who is siting at work, the fact that its mid week is my only joy, JOY! 

Here is a list of five songs that can kick ( BLOW) start your day. So just plugin those earphones and get addicted to the upbeat! 

Random Access Memories  - Daft Punk ( Vanderway Edit)

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Tuesday, June 4


you got what i need
The rock and the tide - 2010

In for some love?  This Joshua Radin song, " You got what i need" struck a chord with me at the first line. 
This song is a smackerel of sunshine, and i promise, it will bring a smile on you. 
You might even feel inspired to launch your little happy dance!

Joshua Radin is an American song writer and actor. Check out his latest release - " Wax Wings" here.


Monday, June 3


While the whole of this country is sweltering in the heat at above forty degrees, Bangalore is pleasantly sitting at twenty. The downpour yesterday, ah! Consequence, chilly Bangalore today. This weather calls for a soft, heart warming acoustic - indie song.
ELATION by Isbells
Isbells is a Belgian band formed in 2009 known for their folk songs. Elation by Isbells is one of the most light - hearted and upbeat ditty i have heard in a long time. I love the children's choir that pops up in the middle and the volcanic burst of chords following that. 
Elation, today's tune on repeat.


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