Friday, November 29


I am going to miss the bouncing enthusiasm during the Steve Aoki show this Sunday in Bangalore. Still, I am giving you a small starter playlist to pump up your weekend spirit!
                                                                                                                                            Happy Friday! 

Thursday, November 28

Sound of Music

Belongs to Harold's Planet

Just for your imaginary world : St Clarity - The Paper Kites

Wednesday, November 27

Monday, November 25

Monday Non- Sense

The trend of item numbers has been into existence since ages and Bollywood actresses add the pinch of extra flavor to these item songs. To the 90's non- sense ....

Ps.: I am in a non- sense mood! Happy monday!

Friday, November 22

Door way to soulful music

The source of joy is here - Friday! Friday has brought a psychological respite that is much needed in my life right now. For those moods where you feel like your on the top of the world and nothing can bring you down, here is a collection of my favorite bollywood songs.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 21

Surrender to John Mayer

I return to Mayer I once loved, truly. He still strives to please with his music, genuinely. John Mayer can warm up a cool night with gorgeous voice. To my favorite tracks of his...And there is something in his voice that still brings me back.

Thursday, November 7

The Magic Cauldron ✤

Witches' cauldrons, charm throws, the dances of death, night-time vigils, lethal sorcerers, 
haunted mountains and spooky spiders, the forbidden forest, the cold grave, the Dark Lords.
✤ Hogwarts will be there to welcome you! 

Wednesday, November 6

OF Gods AND Monsters

When putting this playlist together, I had stars in mind. A mystical land. If you are in a dreamy mood, these songs are for you. Plus, they should help get you through your day, as I know it’s been tough to start up work again this week ( I am still not used to the mid- week fact, it's a Wednesday).

Good For Me - Above & Beyond

❣ A fantastical Wednesday to you. 

Tuesday, November 5

Grey Matter

And this is my security blanket.