Monday, September 30

Monday Merry

Just to make Monday a better morning! 

Wednesday, September 25


Currently in love with - 

PS.:  Nami and Saher

Tuesday, September 24


Off late, I am tired of attending parties where everyone is younger or older than me. I have been wanting an "RnB" night in so long, just to relive my college nights where I could confidently dance in one corner. To old school RnB!
Oh, how much I love my own playlist! 

Thursday, September 19


A lot of people will disagree to this, but there is something of an ethereal beauty to a gloomy, chilly day. One where a small burst of rain has come and gone, leaving everything grey and feeling remote. This is my best time with myself.Right now, I am just sitting down outside to listen to music and enjoy the day with a few tracks that capture the feeling of a day like this…

Wednesday, September 18

Tuesday, September 17

(90s) :: ♥

I've had an intense love affair with hip hop music since my college time. My reasons for changing genres are varied, let me say, I am moody. I do agree that hip-hop was only good when I was young, but as it got more commercial, it did lose some appeal. I’m a huge fan of 90's hip-hop music and have wanted for some time to put down some kind of my favorite songs from that era. 

Monday, September 16


Another weekend is gone, and I am still working. Today is another day of low-hanging gray clouds, the peek- a boo  of the sun and a cup of hot tea. In the first hour I am planning it pretty darn mellow since right now I have thoughts of those people who are snuggling under flannel covers, sleeping in. Testy life.
Here’s this weeks Mellow Monday playlist. Easy tunes to just zone out and vibe to.

Friday, September 13

To the Friday Madness!

Nick of time

Happy Friday, friends! It's a day for oodles of tea and some butter cookies. So here is a beautiful cover, a lovely little ditty from one of my current favorites, Bon Iver. It’s the striking simplicity of the song that gets me hooked onto it. 
I will put up a fun Friday night playlist in a bit, but right now, a mellowed down song for you.

Wednesday, September 11

LDR twist

I love the ruthlessness in this song, " Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey .Young and Beautiful, her contribution to the Gatsby soundtrack, sounds magnificent! Lana Del Rey has created her own niche in pop music and has fully embraced it. 

Friday, September 6

Strawberry Swing ☂

It's such a perfect word, Friday, ever thought about it? 
On a feel- good Friday, I recommend this track by Coldplay called the Strawberry swing. I love the track for the infectious melody, the vocal performance of Chris Martin. Hating Coldplay has become more of a trend now, because of their cliched and generic lyrics and Chris Martin’s overbearing sentimentality. But this song, is a complete standout because of the amazing stop-motion video, with some great afro-pop rhythms.
Here is to one of my favorite videos and my favorite day! 

Thursday, September 5

* where dreams come true *

When you are going through the worst of your days

 when it seems to you that the whole world is conspiring against you

what kind of songs get you going then? For me, it will be the magical land of Disney. This is a real treat, today, I dug up a few of my Disney world memories which take me to a whole new world.

♥ a playlist I made about my favorite place on the planet, Disneyland ♥

Wednesday, September 4

Tuesday, September 3

Marina Effect ~

ANYA MARINA'S voice at times is soft and comforting and can also be loud and rocking. Her songs switch from the electronics to the soft jazzy sounds. Being an alternative rocker, I think her voice is the best during the seductive dance beats vocals.