Wednesday, July 31


His focus is so intense that he makes his songs almost spiritual. On this beautifully chilly mid week Wednesday, a warm cup of coffee and some A R Rehman...

Tuesday, July 30

Swinging Tuesday

Here are some tunes for those of you on a holiday ( I am building my mood for one), and those of you who started slogging away at work already ( I am at it right now!). And those of you attempting running. Or not ( Not me). On a simple Tuesday.

Monday, July 29


To my favorite company... always for a little longer. Abhay.

Friday, July 26


No matter who you are, or where you're from, you always carry the desire to dance. Whether you take it out on the dance floor on a Friday night or do a little swirl when you receive your salary, you dance to express. No matter what the music is, everyone should shake a little to shake it off.

It goes without saying that all these songs are such that you will want to start grooving with the first beat. These classics are what made us want to dance and still manage to do it today. 

Thursday, July 25


To my morning sunshine, my breakfast sponsor, my peace guide, my "chat" buster, my naked Wednesday partner.... most of my everything, Namrata! Hope this dedication makes your day! A little of Ellie Goulding for you...

When everything is wrong, you make it right! 

Wednesday, July 24


Once upon a time, I used to save the 100 bucks my dad used to give me to just buy private music albums. The singers were earnest and the songs beautiful and they had air of such sweet innocence...that in hindsight seems to have been a golden era for the industry.

This post is all about trying to document that era. Lucky Ali, Alisha Chinai, Pankaj Udhas, Strings, Bombay Vikings, Euphoria and a  few mixes that I love. The sweet memories I have of my school days are linked closely with the enjoyment I derived from these songs. Here we go, some of my favorites below -

Tuesday, July 23


I feel like almost everyone here is in some deep trouble or going through real hard times. I feel so uniquely tied to strangers because myself and from now on, a dozen others will turn to this song during a dark day. To escape for a while, to unlock yourself from all the chains.... the call is a beach on a rainy day and some mellow music. 

Monday, July 22

ACT OF VALOR - soundtrack

When Monday decides to beat you down time and again, this will keep me going for half a day today, atleast. 

Wednesday, July 17


We all have those days when we just want to crawl under the covers and sleep for a hundred years. But I didn't face that today! I am sure its going to slap me tomorrow though. But for now, those of  you who are in situation 1, here is a "on- the- go" playlist of two songs which can be repeated throughout your day with no redbull required. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 16

Black and Gold

Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold describes a vivid picture of bright gold stars against the backdrop of a black night sky. It still (since 2008) sounds amazing, credit given to the weather also! Its durability in a all my playlists is still commendable. It's a place where Daft Punk meets Robin Thicke. A dim lit room, swanky pool and  Sparro's black and gold, my perfect Tuesday.

Happy Money Making!

Monday, July 15


Alive is a beaming, gushing tribute to the power of love. This song immediately throws sunshine into your mundane Monday morning. It’s the kind of upbeat electronic music that you’ll find yourself humming along to all day.
A perfect bright and optimistic song to kick start a week, ALIVE by Empire of the Sun.

Friday, July 12


To the bad times that just went by and to the good times, the weekend!


Rolls Royce, diamonds, stilettos, Friday night club - hip hop! So shake that little booty ( as of now, on your office chair) and launch your Friday move! :)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 10


To the rain outside.. hot tea in your favorite mug, under your favorite warm quilt, accompanying your favorite book with this soulful music... Chal Diyay-Zeb & Haniya.

❤ Wake up/ fall asleep to the sound of rain 

Tuesday, July 9


Just shut your eyes, imagine a boy singing this to you at a bar, that is all! 

Monday, July 8


The continued rainy season darkness after the weekend ( which seemed like just six hours long), pushes me down every Monday, and every Monday I think it can't get worse, but today is the worst!
Reasons, let me chalk it out - 
My job isn't really workable. 
Your job isn't satisfying.
For now, to beat the Monday blues, I resort to a cup of steamy coffee along with a very mellow down playlist.  " A MELLOW ONE "

P.S.: I am not mood stimulator.

Friday, July 5


Let's be just plain cheap. OUTRIGHT CHEAP!
❤  happy friday 

Thursday, July 4


Street lights on an eerie stormy night, a cold car and a mysterious song. 
Hit the late night long road with this dark electronic music " what else is there" by Röyksopp. Röyksopp is a Norwegian electronic music duo who made their hit debut in 1998 with their album melody A.M.. Their music has this peculiar use of keyboards and sonic gadgets which makes them sound like a well oiled gadget. 
With this song, they blow a cloud of hypnotic dust onto the dance floor with this single.

❅ feel the chill  

P.S. : If you not in my trance mode, you can jam up-to to Rainbow Styling by Röyksopp.