Monday, June 3


While the whole of this country is sweltering in the heat at above forty degrees, Bangalore is pleasantly sitting at twenty. The downpour yesterday, ah! Consequence, chilly Bangalore today. This weather calls for a soft, heart warming acoustic - indie song.
ELATION by Isbells
Isbells is a Belgian band formed in 2009 known for their folk songs. Elation by Isbells is one of the most light - hearted and upbeat ditty i have heard in a long time. I love the children's choir that pops up in the middle and the volcanic burst of chords following that. 
Elation, today's tune on repeat.


  1. My heart skipped beat listening to this one! Congratulations on your music blog! Love it :)

  2. nicey nice! waiting for more and many more.. :)